A company moving forward by turning the clock back...

Corporate Information

Back in 2003, our management team identified a niche. The community pub.

We put our finger on why the sector had been failing, with under investment, poor maintenance, unsympathetic refurbishment and non-existent marketing topping our list. We then set about acquiring 30 pubs under the name of Bold Pub Company from Telford to West Yorkshire, to prove that, properly managed, there is still a place for the community pub. We eventually sold the business in 2007.

To build on our success and do things even better, we then set up Bravo Inns Limited. With headquarters in Warrington, we started with just 5 pubs.

A very successful acquisition programme has seen us grow to 34 houses across Greater Manchester, North Cheshire and Lancashire.

Essentially, we succeed because we adhere to core values:

By turning back the clock, Bravo is a company that's moving forward.

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